UX Product Intern


Tech Company


UX Product Design Intern


2019 Spring


17 weeks

What I did here

I collaborated with designers, project managers, engineers across multiple teams and contributed to launching the core product.

The first project I worked on was a data visualization project showing different information for sites, RE, virtual service spread globally.
The challenge was to figure out a way to group different levels of those nodes and to show additional information about them.

Also, I participated in their first website project and came up with the visual diagram to show how the company will help business, users, and developers to manage the network edge service.

Moreover, I explored solutions for wizards to support complicated workflows. This wizard would help users to better navigate through the core product.


I collaborated with other designers from the product team to ensure the solutions are consistent. I always made sure that my design was following the design system and style guide. I was involved in the establishment of their design system and UI library.

Working in a product company was very different from working in a digital agency. I learned how to create UX flows quickly using existing UI components. But, also learned how to suggest new UI components if we didn’t have any to support the UX flow I was working on. It was a great experience to work in a fast-paced startup.

More Work

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