Twisted Rope UX Intern


Design Agency


UX Design Intern


2017 Summer


14 week

What I did here

I collaborated across multiple teams and with designers, project managers, engineers. Designed an internal web app for designers to share images they need to use together, looking for inspirations, or image that customers provided. My Role is brainstorm, wireframe, prototype, and create hi-fidelity designs and hand the final prototypes to the engineering team.  It's a pretty open-minded project.    Firstly, I interviewed most of the designers what they want for sharing the image and list several website sharing stock photography asking what they like or dislike. Then I started with the wireframe and did several rounds of test and based on the feedback I made changes to improve the product. In the meanwhile, I had several meetings with the engineering team to see whether my implementation is practical.


For the second month, I was asked to do a more practical project, a web app about the statement of work, which is the bridge for the project manager and clients define the scope of work, the duration, the budget for each project. The company I worked for is a digital agency, they have their client, the PM needs to define what client wants and how soon they want then discuss with designer and developers, the process might take serval back and forth. At the end of my internship, the engineering team starts to build the wireframe I provided.

What I learned here

It was my first experience working in the industry, I learned a lot here, I found it is very different than doing the project at school. There are many things I learned here, like how to narrow my design and make it more approachable. 


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