Pill Memo

An interactive prototype application to monitor sugar intake


Individual Work




2018 Spring


4 week


In the UX course, we are asked to do brainstorming to find an area you want to dive into, it has to be a kind of service and the words I chose made me thinking about there are thousands of pills in the word and how would people can all remember all of that, and know that is the right one to take. 

'When you are sick can you always find the proper pill ?'

'Do you always feel it's hard to remember doctor's direction?'

'Have you ever feel hard to make an appointment with your doctor?'



Dive into the Project

It's hard for me to design a service or product without any background or context. In order to get more information and background before I start designing. I conducted 6 research o to get a deeper understanding of pills in the different age range and doctors as well.

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             Signle older 


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          Foreign Student

            Mom with 2 year old child

Questions I asked:

In what situation you will take pills?

If you got a cold can you always find the pills you have at home or buy a new one?

Do you always follow the doctor's prescription?

When you are sick and you don't have friends or family with you do you feel bad about that?


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Too Much pills

Hard to remember

Choose pill for you


There are too much pills in the world, also, it is the name of pills for the same function is too different, which makes user confusing.

Patients find it difficult to remember doctor’s directions about medications and can even forget what the medicine is for.

Providing users a interactive mobile application that presents the pill information andusing directions by intergrating all of  the prescriptions and using instrucation together.

Attract users by providing a better user experience and a visulaized pill memo.

Research Summary


Providing users a mobile application that presents the pill

information and directions by integrating all of the prescriptions

and instructions together.

I find that when people got sick, they need more care, also,

some of my interviewees feel that it's hard to follow the doctor's

direction especially when they are alone and no one can remind them.




Page 1.1


Page 1.2


Page 1.3


Pill Memo aims to analysis the pill function and usage of the medicine to help the user know what is the pill for what kinds of situation.

Pill Memo intends to provide the user with the easiest and most convenient way to know all their pill information.

Using graphics and interactive elements; pill memo inspires people to use the app and users to care more for their family members.

Competitive Analysis

Medisafe Pill

Pill Alert

Pill Monitor



Clear & Simple Visual                       

Easy-understanding information

Confusing list of info column

Not consistent color

Unclear Navigation

Odd color Palette

Confusing work flow

Inconsistent pill info

Unclear clickable button 

No specific content functionalit is not the most optimized for user workflow

Lack information 

Meeting with the doctor function is nice.

Confusing UI

Slow feedbacks

Hard to navigate




The existing apps are lacking a connection between doctors and patient. 

The existing apps are lacking visual aesthetics. 

The existing apps are lacking pill accurate analysis.

Setting up for design

I assume the context will be the user lives far away from their family, their family want to know their situation and want to remind them to take the pill or what time to go back to see the doctor again. While in the doctor's standpoint, they want to track the amount and time the pill that the patient will take. It's hard for most of the patients come to see the doctor pretty often, it's good for them to contact their doctor easily.


The scenario was set up to make myself focus more on the design solution

Allen doesn't feel well today and she went to see the doctor get the prescription and she sync the prescription and directions to her phone because she lives far away from her family, her family can get the prescription as well. A few days later Allen was not sure whether she needs to get back to the hospital and see the doctor again so she contacts her doctor to ask some questions and she can make an appointment with her doctor through her phone as well. 


Design Solutions

Since it's not a real project in the industry. I want to make my design looks more attractive and interesting.

Color & Type


Icon set & Illustration

insidepillmemo13 copy copy

The Final Design


Motion Graphic Sequence


Insights I've take

The Project aims to practice more about how to combine your UX thinking with the visuals, I'm trying to make assumptions and thinking more about why I do this and that instead of pointing out features. It makes me think more about how the users will do in different context and situation. The project made me imbue my empathy more through design.

The Next Step

Since the project is just a 3-4 week course project, I can tell there are a lot of mistakes but I think I really proud of I idea to really show the connection between patients with their family and patients with their doctor.

The next step for me is to build the flow from the doctor's view, how to make doctors can be more involved, how to make them more willing to connect with their patients.

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