Online office workshop

2017 Mar

We are doing a one and half day workshop for Microsoft, we need to optimize the interaction design for Microsoft Office, help them conduct new ways for online cooperation. Increase the efficiency of multi-person online meeting. Improved the perplexity and inefficient of multi-person cooperation by new functions we designed.  

Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator

Role - Interaction designer


As the designer, my task is to brainstorm new features, provide user interface design, and conduct the interactive prototyping.


  • Shiwen Ding  
  • Yunke Liu
  • Wenhan Lin
  • Evgenia Tranevskaya
  • Megan Lewis



42% of customers use both Google Drive and Microsoft Office. They do so primarily by sending Microsoft documents as email attachments. This is due in part to the higher accessibility and integration of Google’s collaborative platform. This represents a significant number of current Microsoft customers not taking advantage of the Office 365 collaborative space. By developing and promoting ease of use and accessibility Microsoft can capture these current users and extend their relationship with Microsoft’s online platform.



SWOT Analysis



  • proximity with Windows, which has an overwhelming market occupation
  • Has loyalty among user
  • being formal
  • Software-based, weak/immature website application
  • Complicated interface with too many functions
  • Too formal to be used as a note-taking tool, which decreases its prevalence 



  • Balance formality and informality to reach a wider prevalence
  • Take the advantage of its relationship with Windows
  • Consider its normal users who would not use all the advanced functions
  • Google Doc/Sheets/Slides
  • Other note taking tools in another platform, iOS, smartphone

What we can provide to our customer

By building a better system of communication within shared documents we will differentiate Office 365, positioning it as a truly collaborative space both synchronously and asynchronously. This will keep customers working within the Microsoft space rather than moving between traditional Microsoft Software and Google Drive.



Use case

Artboard Copy 23-min
Artboard Copy 24-min
Artboard Copy 25-min
Artboard Copy 26-min
Artboard Copy 27-min

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